We will be using this page to house all information relating to Coronavirus (COVID-19). We are following guidelines provided by Swim Ireland. Committee member Paul Joyce has stepped forward to take on the role of Covid Officer, feel free to email Paul directly if you have any questions.

Courtown Swim Club Committee [15/09/2021]

Important information regarding Traning

All club members attending training sessions, including athletes, coaches, COVID-19 officers, persons of duty etc. are required to complete and return the updated declaration form to their club by Friday 17th September 2021, to enable clubs to best plan their ongoing training programme. This is a once-off form that will remove the requirement for daily self-report screening forms.

Prior to completing you MUST review the relevant protocols issued by Swim Ireland (the relevant protocols issued by Swim Ireland are available here.

U18 athletes – Parent or Carer should complete the form.

If you have any queries please contact the Lead COVID-19 Officer Paul Joyce on 087 955 6230.