Courtown Round Robin Gala 28 April

April 28, 2019 @ 8:30 am – 1:00 pm
Waterfront Pool Enniscorthy

It’s our turn in the South Leinster Round Robin Series to host a gala. This means we need everyone on board, swimmers, parents, everyone!
We need all swimmers who are eligible to take part to attend. Swimmers from Jemma’s B squad and all of Helen’s swimmers would be eligible. If unsure please consult with the Gala Secretary, Nivard who can advise what events swimmers have times for. Entries to by 10th April please and thanks.
If swimmers have grade 5 or above times and aren’t eligible to swim don’t be too disappointed we can still find a use for them! We will need helpers for the shop and around the deck.
We will need parents to do timekeeping, thanks to time trials everyone is already well trained in!
Last but not least as we all know swimming builds up quite an appetite, so we will also require donations of baked goods, treats etc for the shop!
We will be sending out further gala details nearer the time but if anyone is available to help out on the day please let me know!
Your co-operation is greatly appreciated and hopefully, we will all have a very enjoyable morning!