Swim Ireland Briefing Note: Use of Photography and Video Images

This briefing note is to provide clarity on using and publishing of images of young people in Swim Ireland.  The full Filming and Photography policy and the Briefing Note on Camera Devices should be referred to for more details.

The use of images of young people is based on the risk that the publication of an image poses to a young person. The risks to a young person include:

  1. Identification of a young person who can be targeted in-person or online for harmful purposes.
  2. Identification of a young person by individual(s) where a protection, safety or barring order is in place to protect the child.
  3. Identification of a young person by individual(s) where a supervision or care order is in place to protect the child.
  4. Identification of a young person who is adopted or in foster care.
  5. Inappropriate use of image young people images for others’ gratification (this difficult to control).

The following rules are in place in Swim Ireland to reduce the potential risk to young people.  These risks can only be mitigated by everyone adhering to the rules:

  1. Parents/carers must be aware that images may be taken in an event or activity, often included in the conditions of entry or participation. Parents/carers may refuse to provide permission where the risk includes the possibility of a child being identified by an individual from whom a child is being protected.
  2. Any device used to take images must be registered (if at an event) or notified to the club/region (if at a training/other activity) prior to any images being taken.Anyone taking unauthorised images will be asked to delete them and they may be subject to further disciplinary action.
  3. Any images taken showing the activity of the sport must be action shots and taken appropriately i.e. do not take images from behind a swimmer or diver bending over on the blocks or dive platform.
  4. Images where a young person’s face can be seen must not be accompanied with a caption using any part of the young person’s name or associated with any report where the child can be identified.
  5. Images of young people, where not engaged in the sport activity, must be clothed appropriately, i.e. shorts/leggings/track bottoms and a shirt/top and fully covering the private parts of the body.Images of young people posing in their swim wear are not permitted.
  6. Images must not be taken in any area deemed private, e.g. toilet, changing area, changing cubicle, treatment or medical room.

Filming and Photography
No photography/videos are allowed for any reason in the following areas:

  • Changing cubicles/villages/rooms
  • Toilets
  • Medical/ physio treatment rooms

Permission must be asked for before any photos/videos can be taken at training or any galas/Swim Ireland events.
When permitted pictures must only be taken where:

  • young people are wearing t-shirt/top and shorts/tracksuit
  • Action shots where the focus is on participation in sport rather than an individual

Images should not be taken where the pose is inappropriate eg. from behind, legs open, bending over etc.

Where any images are used on social media the young person’s name or anything that may help to identify the young person may not be used under any circumstance.

Inappropriate Images
If you are worried about any image taken of your child or any young person at training, a gala or at any Swim Ireland event it should be reported to the person in charge of the event (eg. Coach/team manager) and/or the facility management. This is especially important
for our club as our training place is a public pool that is open to the public during club training times.