Swimmer Development Breakfast & Workshop

With no swimming on Saturday 16th March (for the bank holiday weekend), we took the opportunity to host and facilitate our first swimmer development workshop involving our swimmers, coaches, and parents in the Tara Vie in Courtown.


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27 swimmers were served an Irish breakfast while the committee and coaches fine-tuned the agenda.

Presentations from Thelma and Gemma

thelma           gemma

Thelma gave a wonderful talk about the swim triangle regarding the relationships and roles of coaches, swimmers, and parents and the importance of taking responsibility for one’s own progress and setting goals etc.  A pdf of her slides will be circulated when available.

Gemma then gave some details specifically around training sets and what they mean – they are all part of her year’s master plan.


The swimmers were then broken into groups (by squad) with two committee members facilitating each group to gather feedback and ideas on how we can all make Courtown Swim Club better.


Parent feedback was also gathered.

Thelma closed off by asking each group to present their top 2 takeaways and everyone present shared their key learning from the day. Overall, it was a very positive and inclusive morning where opinions were shared freely with the unanimous objective of making Courtown Swim Club better. Thank you to everyone for attending, participating and helping out. The first of more to come.

Feedback so far from parents and committee members:

Myself and my guys loved it..thanks guys it was a great idea.

Absolutely fantastic !!

Brilliant morning and I was blown away from the quality of feedback from kids.

Great morning alright! There are lovely children in our club.